We want to eliminate sexual violence, child victimization, human trafficking, and the effects that they have on our community. One of the ways that we work towards this goal is through community awareness and education for adults. We accommodate our presentations for each group. Fill out a form to get connected with us and learn more about the types of presententations that we offer!


Schools and Universities

We work closely with schools in our community to educate about and spread awareness of human trafficking. Our presentations are interactive, focusing on building healthy relationships and providing youth with tools to protect themselves and become advocates in the community. Here are examples of the types of presentations we offer for students:

- Presentations for 2nd, 7th, and 8th grades

- Presentations for professionals

- Table set-ups at events, fairs, and large scale events


Health Care Providers

We want our community’s health care providers to be able to identify and care for all survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and human trafficking. Our own trained professionals offer victim identification awareness training to health care specialists. To learn more, fill out our Get More Information form.



Making sure that community members are also being trained and equipped with information about human trafficking is essential in our fight to eliminate it. We have trained hundred of professionals in service agencies about the trends and indicating factors of human trafficking in North Carolina. We also assist service agencies and organizations in adding human trafficking awareness to existing screening and intake process. To learn more, fill out our Get More Information form.