We provide survivors with free advocacy including crisis intervention, legal and criminal justice advocacy, and emotional support services. Survivors and their caregivers will meet with one of our two child advocates to discuss the situation and receive guidance through any legal processes that may be required.

Crisis intervention

We are always here, even in crisis. We provide hospital visitations, individual or group support sessions, jail visitations, and will help survivors connect with connect with other support resources.

Legal and Criminal Justice advocacy

Our advocates will work with the caregiver to ensure that any necessary legal actions are being taken through the entire process. We work closely with law enforcement and social services to ensure strong communication, as well the District Attorney's (DA) office to prepare for court.

Emotional support services

We perform free trauma screening to ensure that the appropriate therapeutic referrals are being made, by listening to the caregiver and the survivor in the healing process. We also provide crisis intervention and response through crisis assessment, hospital advocacy, safety planning, community referrals, and our 24/7 helpline.