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24-hour Crisis Line

Whenever the time of day or night, our crisis intervention volunteers give emotional support, answer questions, and provide referrals to victims of sexual assault. As the child advocacy center, our volunteers also field questions from adults who suspect a child is experiencing sexual abuse or maltreatment. The volunteers who staff the line complete a 20+ hour crisis intervention training program and have access to back-up staff, so they are equipped to handle any concern. Our crisis intervention services also include accompanying victims with law enforcement and at the hospital.

 Child Advocacy

The Children’s Advocacy Center provides on-site medical exams, advocacy, therapy, and case management for clients throughout the crisis and healing process. CrossRoads provides an emotionally safe place for trained forensic interviewers to conduct interviews with children. Our child advocates provide ongoing support, advocacy and companion services to victims and their non-offending family/friends.

 Adult Advocacy

CrossRoads provides adults with confidential support services free of charge after a sexual assault. Survivors are offered the services of a full-time CrossRoads advocate. Advocates listen, teach coping skills, interact with law enforcement and other agencies on their behalf and make referrals, if needed. Should a case go to court, advocates offer companion services for the trial. Advocates are available for help in healing and assistance for recent traumas, as well as those from the past.

 Community Outreach

We provide specialized trainings to schools, churches, and other community groups in the areas of sexual assault, cyber-bullying and child sexual abuse and maltreatment. We customize our program to your particular group. Contact our speakers bureau for more information.